How it Works

On demand
Concierge Service

We help homeowners look after their guests and their properties

Arrival + Key Holding
Key Holding
  • Communication with your guests
  • A warm and professional greeting
  • Tour of the property
  • Keys drop-off
  • Tips of cool places around
Departure + Key Holding
Key Holding
  • General check-up of the property
  • Keys collection
  • Locking of windows and doors
  • General feedback on your property
  • Wish your guests a safe trip home!
Housekeeper Only
Housekeeper Only
  • Cleaning in all rooms
  • Dust all flat surfaces, furniture and shelves
  • Vacuum all floors and carpets
  • Cleaning all floor surfaces
  • Emptying litter bins
Housekeeper + Laundry
  • Linens collection: Bedrooms and Bathrooms
  • Laundered
  • Ironed & Folded
  • Delivered
  • Stored
Not Enough?

We also offer full property management

Full Hospitality Service

The properties are cleaned before and after guests arrive by our own staff, with our fresh linens, towels and toiletries as part of the deal; and there is a concierge on call for any requests. Your home is in good hands. We collect payment and security deposits, vet potential Guests and ensure all goes according to plan from check in to check out. So sit back, collect a cheque and enjoy.

Every booking includes

marketing Marketing

We make you look good with free professional photos, listing creation and targeted distribution for the right exposure

booking Bookings

Our team works around the clock to fill all reservation inquiries and do what it takes to close the deal

guest service Guest

Key exchange, 7-day support, boutique amenities and more at no additional cost. We sweat the details so you don’t have to

cleaning and laundary Cleaning
& Laundry

We replenish all your fresh linens and toiletries

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When all is good, we upload your property and the renting begins, collect a cheque and enjoy.